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Are you concerned by one or more of the questions posed above? So expanding your business to the internet is a vital turning point for your business to stay in the running. Choosing the solution “e-commerce site” or ” online store ” is to allow your company to exhibit without geographical limits and without interruption its products and services. It’s about getting your company to hit new targets and growing your pool of potential prospects. Develop a new service for your existing customers by creating a merchant site, it is also a way to boost your image and your customer relationship.

THE GULF WEB FACTORY, accompanies you from the conception to the realization of your site. Our solutions are specifically adapted to your needs (payement solution, automatic billing…), whether to improve an existing online store, a redesign, or a creation complete.

What is an online shop site?

An online shop site or a merchant site , also known as the e-commerce site or online store , is a dynamic website on which a company exposes its products and / or services 24/7. . The user has simple functionalities to make his selection, share information, and order directly through the interface. As for a traditional business, payments are made via a secure banking platform, checks or other means of payment.

Examples of features for your e-commerce site

  • Electronic catalog to present your products and services
  • Management of the produced images (zoom, enlargement …)
  • Management of rates, discounts and promotions
  • Stock management in real time
  • Order tracking
  • Recommend your products on social networks
  • Management of a virtual basket
  • Accounts Receivable Management

Benefits of an e-commerce site

  • The geographical area of ​​sale is global. The only limit is the delivery costs or the legislation in the country of the buyer.
  • Increase in the number of potential customers. Some customers buy traditional network, and others online. Positioning yourself on the web makes it possible to reach both groups of customers.
  • Increase in turnover
  • Savings linked to the non-necessity of opening additional physical sales outlets
  • Extra service for your existing customers. Purchase comfort, loyalty, promotions

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